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Burning Diode brings together experience, knowledge, cutting edge technology with a friendly persona that will ensure the greatest benefit from your business technology. If you need to expand your business and need expert help setting up your office network, give us a call. We’ll engineer your technology to work for your business. We will secure your business from threat of lost or destroyed files or software. We’ll better prepare you for the threat of hackers or malware that could cause you days of downtime and costly recovery efforts.

Don’t waste any time trying to manage your technology alone. Your time is valuable. Put your technology peace of mind in the hands of trusted professionals.

Burning Diode can provide technical support at your location to work with you face to face. We can also help you conveniently over the phone by connecting to your computer remotely through our secure remote support software. Under a managed support plan, you won’t be charged more than your monthly fee. Find support quickly and easily by giving us a call!
A problem many businesses face is managing many computers of different ages and different hardware capabilities, and often with different operating systems (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 10). Having virtualized desktop environments provides a consistent experience across each workstation. Learn more
Having secure backups of your files is critical for any business. Having your backups offsite will save your business in the event of a catastrophic loss. Secure Off-site Backups are a part of our standard managed IT plan. Learn more
As part of our managed IT service, your devices are actively monitored and regularly scanned for malware. With a centrally managed console we’re alerted before the malware becomes a problem. Learn more
Save time and money with a Managed Hosted Virtual Server. Low upfront cost and fully managed by experienced IT professional. Learn more
With our managed IT service, we’ll engineer your network for security. We’ll close off all the common holes into your network with proper network architecture and a professional grade firewall
Software upgrades are a frequent event within a business. When things break during software upgrades, it can cause hours of downtime for your business.
Regular malware scanning can catch infections that would’ve otherwise gone unnoticed until it had accomplished its criminal end. When malware hits, there are sometimes hours of repair and recovery work that needs to be done. With Burning Diode, you’ll be back up and running quickly and painlessly.
Your computer has a shelf life. Most computers are designed to last 5 – 7 years. Even under the best conditions, eventually you’ll have to replace hardware. Sometimes this involves hours of moving files, and making sure software still works. With our managed IT, we make this process easy.
Stuck with a website that you’re unable to update? Often small businesses will have a website made once and never updated. These old websites with outdated software become targets for cyber criminals who are looking for easy ways to distribute their malware. With a managed website plan, we’ll keep your website up to date and make it easy for you to make content changes
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