Plesk Control Panel

Parallels Plesk Control Panel from Burning Diode makes management of all aspects of a customers hosting service easy as clicking a few buttons.  Setup hosting options, email accounts, upload and manage website files, view logs, manage DNS and so much more from one easy to use interface.


Track the number of visitors by day, month or year to your site.  See which pages they viewed most in one easy to read report.  Curious which countries your website visitors are from?  Want to know which computer operating systems and browser they use?  Webstats provide everything you need to know about your site visitors in one easy to access location.

Dedicated IPv4 Address

Due to scarce resources and tightening restrictions, hosting providers are only allowed to issue dedicated IPv4 addresses to customers who demonstrate a need.  Justifications include but are not limited to SSL hosting, anonymous FTP and hosting of age restricted content.

Dedicated IPv6 Address

Under the IPv6 Internet Addressing model every single website will have it’s own IPv6 address.  We are currently working on our IPv6 roll out and will assign addresses to all our customers at the appropriate time.

Disk Space

This is the amount of digital information (data) a customer can store on our servers with their plan.  A typical website uses approximately 50MB (5% of 1GB or 0.05GB).

Standard Email accounts share disk space with the hosting plan.  Premium Email accounts have their own, dedicated storage.

Monthly Data Transfer

This is the amount of data that a given hosting plan subscription can move to and from our server over the Internet in one month without incurring overage charges.  The typical website uses 5GB or less of monthly transfer.

MySQL Databases

MySQL databases are high performance, dynamic storage locations used by Content Management Systems and other dynamic website applications.  A single database can have a nearly unlimited number of tables and records and be shared by multiple website applications.

Hosted Domains

Hosted domains are the number of unique domains such as ‘’ and ‘’ that can be hosted by a single hosting plan.


Subdomains are the number of sub-sites such as ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’ that can be hosted by a single hosting plan.

Domain Aliases

Domain Aliases are unique domain names that point to the same website and/or email service.  If your main company site is ‘’ you may also want to have the domain aliases ‘’ and ‘’ take visitors to your website.

Email Autoresponders

Email autoresponders are special email addresses that send a customizable, automatic reply to anyone who sends an email to them.  An auto-responder could be setup with the email address of ‘’ and when a customer emails that address they will receive a reply that reads “Our offices are open Monday through Friday, 8AM-5PM.  We offer X, Y and Z services.   Please call us at 888-555-1212.”

Standard Email Accounts

Standard Email is the most basic email service designed for personal and hobby use.  It supports most major email clients and includes webmail.  It shares it’s storage space with the parent web hosting plan.

Premium Email Accounts

Premium Email is our Business Class email platform that includes generous storage and a long list of Business Class features such as webmail, advanced virus and spam blocking, file sharing, calendaring and more.

Email Groups

Email groups allow an email that is sent to a single email address such as ‘’ to be redirected to multiple other email accounts such as ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’

Email Forward Accounts

Email forwarding allows an email address to redirect incoming email to another address.  For example ‘’ could forward all email to ‘’

Web Users

Web users are another way, similar to subdomains, to create sub-sites.  They allow a way to give authorized individuals the means to publish web content in an isolated space such as ‘’ and ‘’  Web users cannot make changes to the main website, they are restricted to their own directory.

Java Apps

Java Apps are advanced web applications, custom designed for specific purposes.

FTP Subaccounts

FTP subaccounts allow more than one person to have a dedicated user account to maintain and upload to the website.  They are also one way for commercial accounts to provide private, secure file access for different customers, vendors, employees and the general public without compromising the security of the website or other user’s data.

SSL Support

Secure Sockets Layer or SSL is a mechanism used to encrypt the data that passes between a computer browsing the web and the webserver.  SSL is required for any sites that deal with personal and financial information.  It is strongly recommended for all websites that have a registration and login system to help prevent user’s accounts from being stolen.  Burning Diode doesn’t charge extra for SSL support however a dedicated IPv4 address and SSL certificate is required.

SSI Support

Service Side Include or SSI is an old method of creating dynamic websites and merging content on the fly.  SSI is rarely used and has been mostly replaced by CGI and PHP combined with MySQL.

PHP Support

PHP is one of the most common server side scripting languages on the web.  When combined with MySQL it allows the creation and hosting of very complex, dynamic websites that can be easy to maintain and provide a rich user experience.

CGI Support

Common Gateway Interface or CGI is a mechanism for executing custom software on the server side to create a rich web experience.  It is an old technology that comes from the early days of the World Wide Web and is increasingly being replaced by PHP and other newer technologies however it’s speed, reliability and security still make it the best option for some applications.

Commercial Use Allowed

Some services are for personal/hobby/non-profit use only.  Use of these services by commercial entities or for commercial purposes is a violation of our Terms of Service.

File Downloads Allowed

Only certain web hosting packages allow files to be hosted for download by web visitors.  Offering file downloads on packages that forbid them is a violation of our Terms of Service.