How do I move a certificate from one ISP to another ISP?

You may be able to move your certificate from one ISP to another. Per our certificate licensing agreement, you must purchase a new certificate if you plan on continuing to use the certificate on its current location. Otherwise, it largely depends on the server compatibility and the willingness of your current ISP to assist you.

Your current ISP will need to export your key pair file from the server hosting your web site. Once you have the complete key pair file, you can provide it to your new ISP to import on their server. If your current ISP will not provide you with the key pair file, you will need to purchase a new certificate to use with your new ISP. If you have to purchase another certificate, please let us know and we will expedite the processing of the new request. In addition, you will not have to resubmit your business documentation as long as nothing has changed.

Please be aware that if the two ISPs are running different server types, you may not be able to import the key pair file due to server compatibility issues. If this happens, a new certificate will have to be purchased.

Please contact Burning Diode Hosting Technical support to have your key pair exported.