Managed Workstations and Security

Features Plan A Plan B Plan C
Virus/Malware/Ransomware Protection
Malware Removal
Power Protection Up to 600VA Up to 800VA Up to 800VA
Offsite Data Backup 10GB per device 50GB per device 100GB per device
Telephone/Email Support Included VIP level
Annual On-site maintenance
On-site Support 50% discount
Repairs/Other 50% labor discount 50% labor discount 50% labor discount
Email Service Small Business Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Office 365
One Time Setup $100 per 10 devices $100 per 10 devices $100 per 10 devices
Monthly Price (per device):
1-9 Devices $25.00 $125.00 $150.00
10-49 Devices $22.50 $112.50 $135.00
50+ Devices $20.25 $101.25 $121.50

Features Description

Virus/Malware/Ransomware Protection

  • Helps protect against harmful software that can impact productivity and data security
  • Helps protect against theft of important business information

Malware Removal

  • In the unlikely event a device becomes infected there will be no charge to remove the infection

Power Protection

  • Helps protect against equipment damage and loss of productivity due to surge, brownouts, blackouts and power line noise

Offsite Data Backup

  • Encrypts and securely backs up files offsite for recovery in the event the unthinkable happens
  • Backup space is pooled together and useable by any protected computers

Telephone/Email Support

  • No charge access to professional, local technicians via telephone or email during business hours
  • In most cases a brief phone call can get you back up and running again
  • VIP level support grants priority over non-VIP level clients

Annual On-site maintenance

  • Helps keep your business running smoothly by keeping your business technology running smoothly
  • Includes cleaning and inspection of hardware
  • Includes installation of Microsoft, Java, Adobe and other free updates

On-site Support

  • For the problems that can’t be resolved remotely we send a professional technician out to help
  • Plans only cover work performed during business hours unless otherwise agreed



  • Having a support plan ensures rapid response when a piece of hardware stops working
  • This covers the labor portion on out-of-warranty repairs to hardware
  • This also covers support for software not provided by us or software that is no longer supported by the manufacturer
  • Troubleshooting hardware attached to computers (such as printers) covered by a support plan are covered by this category
  • A quote will be provided for any parts needed to complete the repair
  • Replacement/upgrades of computers covered by a support plan fall into this category

Email Service

  • Professional grade email service designed for small business
  • Includes annual domain registration if needed
  • Easy to use webmail interface plus works seamlessly with all popular email software and mobile devices

Microsoft Office 365

  • Always have the latest version of popular Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and others
  • Includes Microsoft Office 365 Exchange email service
  • Includes OneDrive for sharing large files amongst team members and persons external to your organization
  • Includes free Microsoft Office apps for mobile devices
  • Includes annual domain registration if needed for email